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Nordkapp LV - Valley Sea Kayak

The Authentic Seacoast Company is an authorized Valley Kayak dealer and is proud to sell Valley Kayak's flagship sea kayak, the Nordkapp LV.  The most famous sea kayak in the world, most sea kayaks today follow today the design trend started by the Nordkapp. Continued design evolution means it remains the leader among expedition-capable sea kayaks.

Expedition ready, the current Nordkapp retains many of the handling attributes of the original design, but today this legendary sea kayak has evolved to meet the needs of the modern paddler. The Nordkapp is a fast, comfortable and user friendly sea kayak that is ready to take on any sea expedition.

Composite and polyethylene versions available. Model in stock is LV version.

Length: 18’(548cm)
Width: 21″ (53cm)
Depth: 14”(36cm)
Weight: 50lbs (23kg)

Load Suitability: 185-275lbs/ 84-125kg


Length: 17’6″ (533cm)
Width: 21″ (53cm)
Depth: 13”(33cm)
Weight: 49lbs (22.5kg)

Load Suitability: 135-220lbs/ 61-99kg



Length: 18’(548cm)
Width: 21″ (53cm)
Depth: 14”(36cm)
Weight: 56lbs (25.5kg)

Load Suitability: 150-240lbs/ 67-108kg

* Weights stated are approximations for our standard Diolen construction, excluding hatch covers.

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