Authentic Seacoast Soap

Authentic Seacoast Soap Collection

From the hardworking hands of our local artisans, we offer you a unique line of soaps that speak to the people, traditions and pristine oceanside environment in which we live. Handcrafted in small batches using a traditional cold-process to retain all of their vitamins, minerals and antioxidant-rich nutrients, our Authentic Seacoast Nova Scotia Goat’s Milk and Heritage moisturizing soaps are made with pure, natural ingredients and fresh sea air to create creamy, rich-lathering and long-lasting bars.

With natural ingredients like our farm fresh milk, direct from local goat herds in remote coastal areas, to wild-harvested sea kelp, organic, locally roasted coffee and local craft beer, our pure soaps are a unique expression of Nova Scotia’s Authentic Seacoast. It’s a difference your skin will notice.

Traditional Cold-Process

Our Authentic Seacoast soaps are made using a cold-process method to preserve and maintain the natural goodness we put into each bar. It’s a process that takes longer, but it’s worth it. By blending the ingredients at a low temperature, each bar retains the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty-acids and antioxidant-rich nutrients creating a gentle, nutrient dense soap that delivers true natural beauty.

Fresh Goat’s Milk

If you want your soap to benefit from all the natural goodness in goat’s milk, you have to start with farm fresh milk. All our goat’s milk comes direct from local goat herds in our pristine, natural coastal regions here in Nova Scotia. By using local, farm fresh goat’s milk and combining it with our other natural ingredients in our cold-process method, we preserve the milk’s gentle pH level and high concentrations of A, B, C and D vitamins, essential fatty-acids, short-strand proteins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Uniquely Nova Scotian

From our Rare Bird Craft Beer to our organic, fair trade Full Steam Coffee, wild-harvested sea kelp, Fortress of Louisbourg lavender and Nova Scotia apples, our pure, moisturizing soaps are not only good for your skin, they’re a unique statement about our people, places, traditions and way of life in Nova Scotia.

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